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Business Plan Writing

Business Planning

Have you got a great business idea and want help articulating your vision? Do you want a professional consultant to help develop your idea into a clear and coherent Business Plan? Do you need to write a Business Plan, but have no idea where to start?

We can help. TRADESCEND’s Business Planning consultants will help you develop a bespoke Business Plan that contains all the sections needed to describe your business, clarify your objectives, and convince your target audience to support you.

Who We Help?

Our Business Planning Services have helped our clients to secure funding from banks, gain needed capital from Investors and achieve UK Start-up and Innovator Visas.

When you have something of such high personal value and something that means so much to where you want to be in life: don’t leave anything to chance.

Who We Help

How We Help?

We will help you finalise what sections should be in your Business Plan and ensure that you are covering all the key areas that are expected by your target audience.

Our prices are tiered depending on the type of Business Plan you choose (Standard, Pro or Investor) and the level of detail that you require.


  • Explain your business idea succinctly
  • Describe your products and/or services
  • Reveal the market potential
  • Show your understanding of target customers
  • Justify your execution strategy
  • Argue why you are the right person to lead
  • Include robust financial forecasts
  • Set out your vision for the future
  • Demonstrate business viability
Who Will Write Your Business Plan?

Who Will Help You Develop Your Business Plan?

TRADESCEND’s Business Planning Services are delivered by consultants who:

  • Are matched to specific client needs (e.g. Start-up/Innovator Visa Application and Investor Funding)

  • Possess relevant industry experience (e.g. digital businesses, consumer goods, and manufacturing)

  • Can add additional value (e.g. financial modelling, marketing, and branding)

We know exactly what you are likely to face when the time arrives for your Business Plan to be scrutinised.

Our Expertise:

Whether your Business Plan is for starting a new venture, seeking investment, or selling a business: you are telling a story. You are providing an “Investment Case” and showing that your vision is achievable and answering why you should be believed.

TRADESCEND is often asked to review Business Plans, particularly those created with the aim of attracting investment funding or as part of a Start-up/Innovator Visa application.

Our exceptionally strong expertise in this area allows us to challenge your assumptions and projections in a constructive manner and help you increase the robustness of your Business Plan.

Already Got A Business Plan?  We Can Help You Improve It

Do You Need Help With Financial Modelling?

TRADESCEND is particularly strong in this area and has a dedicated ‘Financial Modelling Team’. We can help clients with:

  • Profit & Loss forecasts

  • Modelling cashflow

  • Pricing of products and/or services

  • Business valuation

  • Investment returns

  • Break-even analysis

A Business Plan is often measured by the quality of its financial projections. Let us help you get them right.

Are You Struggling With An Idea?

We can help you develop one. At TRADESCEND, we are innovators. Founded by entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs: we know a promising idea when we see one.

From EdTech to MedTech it is our ability to keep a finger on the pulse of exciting market developments, across several dynamic industries, that allows us to help entrepreneurs identify attractive investment opportunities and genuine problems to be solved.

Are You Struggling With An Idea? We Can Help You Develop One
Do You Need To Present Your Business Plan?

Do You Need To Present Your Business Plan?

TRADESCEND can help create exciting Presentations based on your Business Plan that are visually impactful and address what really matters to your target audience.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our Business Planning Services, or if you want to discuss any unique requirements.

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